The Beatsteaks confirm Deconstruction and release ‘Hand in Hand’

The rock monster that is known as the Beatsteaks (Arnim Teutoburg ­ Vocals/Guitar; Peter Baumann – Guitar; Bernd Kurtzke ­ Guitar; Torsten Scholz ­ Bass and Thomas Götz ­ Drums) release their brand new single ‘Hand in Hand’ on June 7th. Taken from the band’s recent album, ‘Smack Smash’ the single will be released to coincide with German 5-piece coming to the UK on June 6th as part in this year’s Deconstruction festival.

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Having written new songs throughout summer 2003 the Beatsteaks embarked on a little studio tour of Berlin on October 3, recording 12 songs in four different studios. Producer, MOSES SCHNEIDER, forced the band to record live. The highlight of the operation was a gig at Berlin’s Knaack Club, where the recordings were completed under the watchful eyes of invited friends and family. Subsequently, PETER SCHMIDT (BlackPete) faced the difficult task of putting things back onto the rails again in the mix!

Released earlier this year via Epitaph, SMACK SMASH refects the best of what the band have to offer ­ opening with BIG ATTACK, the album gets right down to business with the loud guitar riffs of VISION. Whilst AIN’T COMPLAINING, HAND IN HAND and I DON’T CARE AS LONG AS YOU SING show how the band can meld their rock heritage with more pop sesibilities. Naturally, EVERYTHING is about love and HELLO JOE is dedicated to Joe Strummer!.

Catch the bombastic punk-rock action of the Beatsteaks at Deconstruction on 6th June

“This is a band able to look beyond the petty confines of rock genres and are worthy of your attention for that alone.” – Metal Hammer

“The Beatsteaks are an addictive slice of the hardcore pie laced with just the right ingredients to leave you craving for more” – Rock Sound

“Splendid stuff” ­ Kerrang

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