Duran Duran Live In Manchester

80’s Wild Boys Duran Duran played to a sold out crowd on Sat 17th in Manchester’s MEN Arena. And yes, its true what you read in the papers.. its mainly 30 something women, who squeal at ear piercing sound levels and Simon Le Bon does some incredibly suspect high kicks that a man his age shouldn’t!

Due to one thing and another, we arrive 2/3rds of the way through the support set by Goldfrapp, who from what little we heard, should be fantastic for anyone who gets to see them on the festival circuit. The theremin was out, the keyboards got dropped, but the show stopper from them was “Strict Machine” although when it did start I thought it was the Dr. Who theme tune.

So, 8.45pm on the nose, the lights dim, the place goes bonkers and on stroll the five members of the band. Starting with “Sunrise” the band move quickly into “Hungry like the Wolf”. I must of looked aghast at the howling Le Bon, only to be told by the other half that “it’s artistic license innit?”. Hes right, these guys answer to no-one and the hits kept on coming…”Union of the Snake” “Come Undone” “The Chauffeur” which sounded superb. Each song accompanied with a varying light and moving image show, my personal fav being Manga Duran Duran members – even Andy Taylor looked cool!

New material also had an airing tonight, and although at first sound they don’t appear to be as strong as the older material. The band ended the first set with a mild blowing rendition of “Wild Boys” that didnt last long enough. (Just by the by, I rang my mum during this song -its her fav- Hello Mum! – and she could hear it clearly and knew straight away what it was, a testament to the quality of the sound)

The encore was short, only 3 songs, the dubious “White Lines”, “Girls on Film” and of course “Rio”, the latter being one of the highlights of the entire show. Duran Duran have rightly earned their place in the subconscious of a nation, and I for one am glad that I had the chance to see them bring all their hits alive.

Manchester Set List


Hungry Like the Wolf

Is There Something I Should Know

Union of the Snake

Come Undone

View to a Kill

What Happens Tomorrow

New Religion

Planet Earth

I don’t Want Your Love

Tiger Tiger

The Chaffeur

Beautiful Colours

Ordinary World

Save a Prayer



Careless Memories

Wild Boys


White Lines

Girls on Film


Find out much more than you ever need to know at the Duran Duran Official Website

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