Atlantic Dash Single and Tour

Northampton’s cheekiest pop nuggeteers release their debut single this week (April 19th) on Fierce Panda. ‘Tis a flippantly old school double ‘aa’-sided 7″ release called ‘What Is New?’ / ‘Leave It All Behind’, and both tracks are culled from what we consider to be the bestest demo we heard in all of 2003. Think Thrills, Supergrass, Verve, that kinda thing. Classic songwriting with a jagged, teethy smile and a mini-album to come next month. Oh, and they’ll be on tour with The Cribs then, too!

Here are some dashed Dash dates:

    April 22nd: Lincoln University
    April 23rd: Manchester Night & Day Club Fandango
    May 9th: Bristol Louisiana (w/ The Cribs)
    May 10th: Oxford Zodiac (w/ The Cribs)
    May 11th: London 100 Club (w/ The Cribs)
    May 12th: York Fibbers (w/ The Cribs)
    May 13th: Leeds Rocket (w/ The Cribs)

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