Silver Rocket news – Gig this friday & club next friday

THIS Friday (30th Jan) Silver Rocket and Prague (the band not the city, silly) are putting on a gig together Upstairs at the Garage,

featuring a frankly ridiculous 5 bands – Pilot To Gunner, K-Line, Macrocosmica, Prague and My Dear Killer – plus records from me, Mr

Andy Silver Rocket and Mr Ben Wileman before, between and after the bands (but not as late as the club). Opens at 7.30 and the

bands go on straight away, so get there early.

NEXT Friday (6th Feb) is the regular Silver Rocket, and the bands are the magnificent Kaito, Hyper Kinako and Help She Can’t Swim,

follwed by the club until 3.

Before I start on the descriptions I’m pleased and very surprised to tell you we did actually get round to sorting out the problems with

the nasty pop-ups on the website, and within days of promising to do it! Yes, a rare display of professionalism from Silver Rocket,

probably greatly aided by the fact that I didn’t have to do it myself. So, now you can – in fact MUST – look at, without setting off sirens in your IT departments and having

men in white suits kicking down your door or whatever. If you forgot since last month it has news on who’s playing so you don’t have to

read these dumb messages, a long list of everyone who’s ever played, a flyer so you can get in cheap even after 11, and a link so you

can email requests in advance. Splendido!

Final nugget of news is that after our long lazy christmas break Cut & Paste will be returning to Highbury, at the Buffalo Bar (even

closer to the tube) on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in the next few months. So here we go with the info:

Friday 30th January 2004

Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury (020 7607 1818)
7.30 – late (bands start when doors open)
Entry £5, or £4 with flyer

Silver Rocket and Prague present:

Brooklyn’s Pilot to Gunner bring their powerful DC-inspired rock stylings to the U.K for the first time to promote their new album (Get

Saved). Their debut album ‘Games At High Speeds’ was re-released on Arena Rock Recordings in Spring of 2003 and brought some

well deserved mainstream praise to these underground heroes. Their live shows are renowned as energetic, frenetic and intensely fun


“It’s a genuine pleasure to chance upon an album like this”- Kerrang!

Post-hardcore meets punk on Boss Tuneage. Imagine, if you will, a mix of Repeater-era Fugazi, Gang of Four, the Ruts and

Leatherface. Former members of more bands than you can mention.

Filthy rock-punk-metal-prog from this excellent band, infamous for containing one Brendan O’Hare, veteran of Teenage

Fanclub/Mogwai/Telstar Pony.

Slow fi heartfelt songs of love and loss.

Nick Drake flirting with Gastr del Sol

then Silver Rocket and guest DJs playing records. For a bit.

and next week:

Friday February 6th 2004
Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury, London (020 7607 1818)
Entry £4 before 10.30, with flyer, or NUS. Otherwise £5.

Finally begining to attract the attention they deserve, Norwich’s KaitO have surely only been ignored for so long by the UK music press

because nobody could work out how to describe them. After building a huge UK underground following since they formed in 1998, they

had rapturous receptions touring the US in 2002 and 2003. Kaito then secured the no. 1 spot in the US alternative indie chart, and

after performing at the SXSW festival in 2003, they were dubbed ‘the’ band to watch in 2003 by New York’s Time Out magazine. They

have recently signed to Mute/Blast First.

KaitO’s unique brand of lunatic fuzzpop, guitar sfx and angelic dance pop contains a razor blade of punk sensibility ready to slice off

your soft bits if you lose concentration.

You probably remember that KaitO are long time Silver Rocket favourites (this will be their 4th appearance at the club) and if there is

any justice in this world they will be massive any time soon.

Sounding a bit like Melt Banana and Cibo Matto let loose in a toy shop, Norwich’s uber-cool Anglo/Japanese hyper-pop Hyper kinako

are possibly the most fun you could have with your clothes on.

Riot-grrll/postpunk/dance noize referencing Sonic Youth/Fugazi/Le Tigre/Gravy Train/Gang of Four/Pretty Girls Make Graves from this

band spread over seaside towns on the south coast. Probably the best demo we have received for a long time, which also seems to be

a view shared by everyone else who received it.

Followed by the SILVER ROCKET CLUB – all the best alternative and leftfield indie, rock, punk and hardcore records for dancing to

since ever, plus anything new that’s good. Think sonic youth dinosaur jr fugazi my bloody valentine ride pixies mudhoney nirvana cure

rapture trail of dead yeah yeah yeahs at the drive-in buzzcocks franz ferdinand dead kennedys undertones ramones violent femmes

ac/dc darkness rolling stones stooges magazine moldy peaches datsuns black sabbath white stripes blondie pil beck primal scream

the smiths teenage fanclub pavement sebadoh hüsker dü kiss beastie boys clinic part chimp jon spencer shellac jamc billy mahonie

yo la tengo wedding present the fall pj harvey peaches stereolab sfa flaming lips gossip le tigre sleater kinney part chimp kaito

ladytron chicks on speed destiny’s child bikini kill add n to (x) aphex girls aloud and whoever else I forgot.

Silly link:
look at if you type your name in it gives

you your goth name. It’s quite accurate – Rachel Silver Rocket comes out as Dancing Corpse.

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