HorrorPops release ‘Hell Yeah!’ on March 23nd

The HorrorPops are a straight up rock ‘n roll band with their roots buried
deep in 80’s new wave, old-school punk and 50’s rockabilly. The band is led
by Patricia on slapping upright bass and lead vocals, features Kim Nekroman
on guitar, and also stars the always late & sick duo: guitarist Karsten and
drummer Niedermeier. Last but defiantly not least, the band is flanked by
the totally rotten Go-Go dancers Mille & Kamilla. If you like bands like
Blondie, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Ramones, The Cramps, Reverend Horton
Heat and Wanda Jackson, then The HorrorPops new 23rd March release of ‘Hell
Yeah!’ is a must-have for your record collection!

HorrorPops hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, coming to be when Patricia, the
then Peanut Pump Gun’s singer-guitarist, met Nekromantix singer-bassist Kim
Nekroman and discovered they had a mutual affection for the sounds of
Blondie, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, surf, punk, ska, and good
ol’ rock ‘n roll.

“We didn’t want to be categorized,” says Patricia, “HorrorPops was to be a
good old fashioned rock and roll band.” She reasons that everything
HorrorPops incorporates into its sound goes back to that one category, and
connotes the same spirit and principles.

In 1999, two songs, “Ghouls” and “Psychobitches Outta Hell”, from
HorrorPops’ 7-song, press kit-only demo, found popular affection on the
Copenhagen club circuit. Bolstered by the addition of ghoulish go-go dancers
Mille and Kamilla (Patricia’s co-workers at a Copenhagen piercing studio),
they continued to play to fervent crowds throughout Europe and Scandinavia.
Early 2003 saw the band hunker down in Ventura Recording in Christiania to
lay down six more tracks for what would become Hell, Yeah!

Although the record was recorded over a period of 2 years, HorrorPops
autonomous handling of the production duties ensured a seamless, unbound,
relentlessly fun vibe. Patricia’s punchy upright bass propels songs that
defy categorization; they are at once more than and exactly elemental rock
tunes. “Julia” and “Cool Flat Top” play to the band’s ‘billy side, alive
with hepkitty spunk; “Psychobitches” slinks along with a tribal, “Peter
Gunn” covertness; “Girl in a Cage” mixes Josie Cotton 80s pop with ska;
“Horror Beach” is the classic scary surf instro; “Ghouls” is exuberant
alt-pop – Debbie Harry’s head sewn onto Gwen Stefani’s body, if you will;
“Where They Wander” is classic punk rock with an anthemic chorus and hot
“whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa” backups. The album most pleasantly reeks of immediacy.

Once the recording was done, Strawberry Slaughterhouse singer Karsten
replaced original guitarist Caz the Clash and Nekroman took it to friend and
Hellcat honcho Tim Armstrong, who said, “Let’s do it!” and signed HorrorPops
to the label.

HorrorPops’ shows are storied throw-downs. Patricia explains it best: “We
are just playing our asses off and try to have as much fun as possible. The
band is rocking, the go-go dancers are all over the place – they’re fucked up.
These babes are not your usual stripper-style go-gos, but more punked-out
street go-go’s, still very sexy but, sweaty, cross-eyed, and intimidating.
And they make funny noises in the microphones. They’re really rotten. The
most often comment made over here from people watching the show is “You guys
are crazy, so much stuff goes on onstage that you never know where to look
or what to expect.”

Amen! Now, have a HorrorPop; there are worse things you can suck on.

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