Stereolab Return

For over a decade, Stereolab has produced one of music’s most acclaimed bodies of work and built one of modern pop’s most zealous, forward-thinking fanbases. Now, with the completion of their new studio album, “Margerine Eclipse,” the band has the freedom to refine and expand their subversive musical explorations, as they did on last year’s extended EP “Instant 0 In The Universe.” On “Margerine Eclipse,” Stereolab sculpts a hypnotic musical apparition that mixes modern beats and rhythms with a cool, swinging ’60s a go go ambience. Jangle, groove, rhythm, melody, and sweet, dreamy singing combine to create a distinct, sometimes soothing, sometimes disturbing vision. As ever, the band turns its collective observations on a heady mixture of the personal, the political, and the metaphysical.

“This could be your late-night secret ingredient” – PLAYBOY

“Stereolab delivers its best cocktail-party soundtrack yet” – ESQUIRE

Pick up Margerine Eclipse in stores on January 27…

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