So on their “Final” tour the Suede machine rolled into Manchester on Monday Dec 8th……… The question? Would they actually be any good? To be perfectly honest, the entire gig was mostly a hit and with only a smidge of a miss. Starting off with the wonderous “Pantomine Horse” die hard fans probably thought that they had died and gone to heaven and fair point, its a killer song and sounds amazing live. But I should point out my utter dismay as two songs later they managed to massacre what is probably my all time favourite song “Filmstar” with a display that can only be described as lacklustre.

Criticism aside the band sounded ace once they got into full swing playing gem after gem after gem, the sound touched upon being ropey every once in a while, but you cant fake enthusiasm like that. Brett was bouncing around like a nutter for the first half, before calming down a notch and standing on some speakers (He didnt fall off this time like he did the last time I saw them).

Brett also demanded a fair bit of audience participation, most notably on “She’s in Fashion” before telling the very excitable Manchester crowd that “..they should really join a band…”.

About the new song played as the first encore piece, well what can I say. Brett looked like he was stood behind a bontempi and everytime he pressed a button he grinned like a madman, this was found to be the most hysterical thing the other half had seen for a while. The repeat riff of “You like sex…” seemed to have some fans bemused, but once again it was undeniable catchy. The “Asphalt World” was for want of a better word perfect and when the last notes of the last song played I felt a little bit sad…. but then better to go out with a bang then a whimper…..

Manchester Set List December 8th 2003

Pantomime Horse

Animal Nitrate


Can’t Get Enough

Metal Mickey

Everything Will Flow

By The Sea

The Living Dead

Lost In TV

She’s In Fashion


So Young

New Generation


Beautiful Ones


Music Like Sex (?)

2 Of Us

Asphalt World

Still Life

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