ambershades – Free download of single ‘8th Day’

ambershades have apparently become prematurely overwhelmed with Xmas cheer. The band have taken the ill-advised step of giving away their single ‘8th Day’ absolutely free as a download on their website The single will be available for one month from December 1st, throughout the festive season… The band aren’t as philanthropic as they might appear. The decision to give away the single was taken in part because it’s commercial release fell through due to a massive error at the pressing plant. Many fans have been disappointed to discover the single unavailable at their local record shop. This is because the single had to be pulled at the last minute because what ended up on the CD was not what was meant to be. It was definitely ambershades, but not the right tracks.

Thus ambershades have done the only sensible thing, scrapped 2500 CDs and given away the single instead. A download of ‘8th Day’ will be available absolutely free, at from December 1st. To celebrate the band are playing live supporting Mew at ULU on December 2nd. They will also play their previously postponed gig at LSE on December 19th.

‘8th Day’ free download at from December 1st.

ambershades appearing live:

  • December 2nd – London ULU (supporting Mew)
  • December 19th – London LSE

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