British Sea Power

  • British Sea Power support The Strokes.
  • BSP play on despite bassist’s bizarre silivicultural accident.

British Sea Power bassist Hamilton has injured a wrist after falling from a tree. Nonetheless, BSP would like to reassure the nation that they will still be playing as support act at all forthcoming British dates from The Strokes.

Read on… British Sea Power were forced to cancel their own headline show in High Wycombe (Monday 24 November). The band are now completing their current UK dates with their soundman standing in on bass.

Hamilton damaged his wrist after falling from a tree. He had skilfully scaled a nice Copper Beech to selectively prune a few branches for stage decoration. Then, in Keystone Kops style, he failed to remember that the branch he was sawing through was also the one he was holding onto. A painful fall to earth resulted.

All attending The Strokes’ sold-out shows can, of course, look forward to remarkable stuff from the New York quintet. They can now also anticipate an appearance from both British Sea Power and Ursine Ultra, the band’s anatomically correct and fully mobile 10-foot replica of a Kodiak Bear.

British Sea Power’s shows with The Strokes will complete a pleasing year for the hygienic Brighton quintet. British Sea Power are proud to have toured with such great ensembles as The Flaming Lips, Pulp, Interpol and The Copper Family. Adding further salt to the soup, Radiohead recently told the Radio 1 listenership that they should all immediately go out and purchase a copy of BSP’s debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power. Sing ye from the hillsides!

British Sea Power will also play with The Strokes in Barcelona on 8 December. The Strokes’ British dates are as follows.


  • 1 Glasgow Braehead Arena
  • 3 Cardiff International Arena
  • 5 London Alexandra Palace
  • 6 London Alexandra Palace

British Sea Power are the only support act at all dates.

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