Mark Clayden Leaves The Blueprint

Mark Clayden, bass player for The Blueprint and former Pitchshifter member, has announced he will be stepping down from his duties as The Blueprint’s four stringer. Mark’s last live show with The Blueprint will be on November 29th at the Garage Club in North London.
Says Mark: “Although I will be playing bass on the upcoming Blueprint album, my personal commitments are such that I don’t feel I would be able to give the 100% commitment The Blueprint deserves. I feel it’s better for me to bow out on a high note and let the band continue with their success. I would like to thank the band and the fans for their continuing support, and to let them know that I have had a truly amazing time with The Blueprint. I feel lucky to have been a part of such an awesome family.”

The Blueprint’s guitarist Matt Grundy added “It’s really gutting for us to see Mark go, but he has other things to move on to, and we wish him the best of luck for the future. Mark and I started this band together, and i’ll always consider him a part of it, because it couldn’t have happened without him. We’d all like to thank him for great times we’ve spent together, and the massive effort he has put into The Blueprint.”

Clayden will be replaced by Consumed bass player/Army Of Flying Robots drummer Luke Moss: “Rehearsals with Luke have been really cool so far” says Grundy, “He’s a great musician, and it’s awesome to have him in the band.”

Clayden’s former outfit Pitchshifter have announced the production of a posthumous DVD set to be released on the band’s own record label PSI Records ( early in 2004.

The Blueprint are currently in the process of writing songs for their forthcoming debut album ‘Phenomenology’, to be released in 2004.

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