Tales of a Librarian: A Tori Amos Collection

Press Release

The irrepressible, inspirational, illustrious TORI AMOS is releasing her very first collection ever, and we Amp people are down on our knees Wayne’s World stylee at the thought of working with her. Holla!

TALES OF A LIBRARIAN: A TORI AMOS COLLECTION (released November 17th), is a selection of 20 songs handpicked by the goddess herself, and spans over a decade of Tori’s incredible career. As well as the old favourites
like ‘Precious Things’, ‘Playboy Mommy’, ‘Spark’, ‘God’, ‘Cornflake Girl’, ‘Winter’, ‘Tear In Your Hand’, ‘Professional Widow’, ‘Crucify’ and ‘Silent All These Years’, there’s two BRAND NEW tracks – ‘Angels’ and ‘Snow Cherries From France’, plus two rare b-sides, ‘Mary’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’, re-recorded especially for this collection.

MOGUL – debut single, live dates

Press Release

They move effortlessly from melody rich ballads to furious guitar rock – commanding an irresistible and distinct style that they can definitely call their very own.

Mogul have been refining their craft since they were back in high school – fifteen years old and causing a ruckus in the garage. Both drummer Keith Wickham and keyboardist Alex Ayres have gone on to become music graduates – almost over-qualified to be in a South London rock band! Credibility is reinstated however by frantic guitarist Jamie Fisher, clearly a rock star-in-waiting

The line up is completed by the deep and dark bass grooves of Croatian ex-pat Michael Skorjanec and singer Jamie Gordon with his captivating presence, distinctively raw and emotive voice and catchy lyrical hooks – Jamie certainly is a born front man.

Gary Crowley (BBC Radio) is among a number of radio DJ’s who’ve hailed the promo of the single: even Jools Holland wrote to the band to say how impressed he was with it! Front Magazine recently cited it as ‘Flippin ace’, while ‘What’s on in London’ tagged it ‘fresh, probably because there’s a damn good tune going on in there’. Simmy Richman at the Independent on Sunday meanwhile commended it as ‘excellent – as soon as I popped my headphones on I recognised it as one of those infuriatingly catchy songs.’

A striking video of ‘Play Away’ has also been shot on 16mm by talented new director Mark Wong. It has been previewed on London Live and UK MTV, with presenter Dave Berry citing Mogul as ‘future superstars to watch’.

MOGUL release their debut single, PLAY AWAY, on WRETCHED RECORDINGS on December 1st, distributed by 3MV.

Thursday, October 30th KINGS CROSS Water Rats @ 8.45pm
Friday, October 31st HAMMERSMITH Palais @ 8.45pm
Sunday, November 9th KENSINGTON West One Four

Friday, November 14th HAMMERSMITH Palais
Thursday, November 20th GREENWICH Trafalgar Tavern
Saturday, November 29th CAMDEN Barfly

THE BLUESKINS – UK TOUR DATES, November and December

Press Release

The Blueskins, currently in the wilds of Snowdonia recording their debut LP with producer Richard Formby, break off from developing their studio tans to play further dates throughout November and December.

The band, whose ‘Magic Road’ EP is just hitting the shops, have played two very special shows recently. The first, as part of Radio One’s week by the seaside in Brighton, saw the boys play a frenetic half hour set, recently broadcast on Lamacq Live on Radio One. The second, at York Fibbers saw the band’s ever growing Northern fanbase pack out the venue as they delivered one of the most talked about sets of the MTV2 tour under the watchful eye of the host, Zane Lowe. Dates for the tour are as follows:


Tues 18th – Birmingham, Academy Bar

Thur 20th – Sheffield, Fuzz Club

Sun 23rd – Liverpool, University

Mon 24th – London, Metro

Thur 11th – Leeds, Wardrobe

Fri 12th – Sheffield, Fez Club

Sat 13th – Coventry, Colliseum

Mon 15th – Bristol, Louisiana

Tue 16th – Colchester, Soundhaus

Wed 17th – Southend, Chinnerys

Thur 18th – London, Electrowerkz

The Blueskins will issue a new single, the first fruits of the LP recording sessions early next year. In a definite statement on how to treat your fans, the LP will not include any of the tracks from debut single ‘User Friendly’ or the current ‘Magic Road’ EP.

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The ‘Magic Road’ EP is released on Domino on November 10th.

Clearlake release ‘Can’t Feel A Thing’

Press Release

Clearlake release ‘Can’t Feel A Thing’ on 10th November 2003

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Clearlake release a third single from their acclaimed second album ‘Cedars’, on Domino on 10th November. Live favourite ‘Can’t Feel A Thing’ has been re-recorded with Benn Hillier (Blur, Elbow, Clinic) in order to capture it’s rawness and spontaneity. Saluted by amongst others Jarvis Cocker, REM and the late Elliot Smith, Clearlake have ascended to become one of the most important and self-defining bands around, combining superb song-writing with pin-drop delicacy and experimental sonic attack. The band’s new drummer, Toby, makes his first recorded appearance here.

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her – Red Talk

Label : Arrivederci Baby and Cherry Red Records
Release Date : Out Now
Website : www.cherryred.co.uk


  • Sentimental Journey
  • Pink Soda
  • No Luck
  • A Shotgun and Me
  • Angel
  • Pretty In Pink
  • Chik Chik A.A.
  • Grapefruit
  • Asking For It
  • A Guitar for Me and Milk for Her
  • Count 0 Number 1
  • Psycho Melody
  • She
  • Sister Sister
  • 8
  • Mo’ Mo’ Gimi’ Mo’
  • As Long as We’re Together
  • If I Happen To Fall Down (In Your Arms)

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With a name like Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her it will come as no great surprise to hear that they are from Japan. They are two, Ahia Higurashi (vocals, guitar, piano and keyboards) and Nao Koyama (bass, keyboards, drums and backing vocals), and have been hailed as the greatest ever Japanese guitar band. Bizzarly, for a group more most easily described as ‘The Japanese Breeders‘, SSKHKH are proteg�s of Japans premiere knob twiddler and DJ Cornelius. Red Talk is the first release by SSKHKH outside Japan. It is a best of collection from their four previous albums.

They can veer from punk to pop to indie to electronica – sometimes in the same song, but the majority of these songs are indie punk wonders. They blend all these elements with skill and ease. If you didn’t know they were from Japan you would be forgiven for thinking they are veterans of the US college circuit or New York rockers.

It’s easy to see why they have been getting rave write ups recently. They are infectious, effortlessly cool and demand you to be listened to at full volume. There are stand out tracks like Angel, Chik Chik A.A. and Grapefruit could easily be from different groups but always work.

Courtney Love thinks they are great. Make of that what you will. I have to agree with her.

The Walkmen – Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone

The Walkmen are the lazarus like re-emergance of NYC’s Jonathan Fire*Eater (No, I have never heard of them either. Apparently they made some big waves in New York and collapsed after a few years like flan out of the oven). They are a five piece comprising Walter Martin (Organ, Backing Vocals, Tape Loops), Paul Maroon (Guitar/Keyboards) and Matt Barrick (Drums), all ex Jonathan Fire*Eaters along with Hamilton Leithauser (Vocals) and Peter Bauer (Bass) of the Recoys.

From the background information I have got – their listed influences include U2, The Cure, Bjork, Joy Division, New Order, Bruce Springsteen and The Pogues. To me they sound very much like Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine. Where they got Bruce Springsteen or The Pogues from I can’t imagine. Still, no matter, this is a great listen. What strikes you straight away is Hamilton’s voice over the full rich and embracing backing. It’s soft and pleading, ironic and defiant and a lot like Ian Curtis or Tim Booth.

Buy Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone from Amazon

Kicking off with They’re Winning, a short burst of what is to come, demanding attention from the start. A slow pounding beat heralds Wake Up which is oddly like Flowered Up or The Happy Mondays with its strained and curiously Mancunian inflections. From all the other reviews I have seen the title track comes highly recommended – Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone. From the first note it brings back thoughts of early New Order or late Power of Dreams . I am compelled to agree with all those other reviewers Everyone… is just brilliant.

It’s the subtle variety in this album which makes it such top listening. From the superbly titled Revenge Wears No Wristwatch could easily be mistaken for The Strokes given an old skool indie twist. For The Blizzard Of ’96 we are treated to what sounds like an eerie fairground caliope as the backdrop to sweeping vocals not unlike early James. Then from the seductive and engrosing French Vacation we have Stop Talking and We’ve Been Had leaving you with the feeling that if The Walkmen had been cursed with more pomposity and dark pretentions they could have so easily decended into Nick Cave-lite cod goth hell. However, they pull it off with charm and style. These simple tracks grow on you so quickly that you lose and doubts. There are more upbeat numbers like Roll Down The Line and That’s The Punch Line. That’s upbeat in tempo not lyrics. There is a soulful realism throughout. This isn’t a happy album, but nor does it have you reaching for those sleeping pills or razor blades. Saying that, the funeral march tone to It Should Take A While with it’s guitars chiming in like church bells laying misery upon misery onto this excellent, yet despair ridden, number could get you there if you were off that disposition. I had been struggling to make sense of the persistant U2 comparisons I had seen mention of until I heard Rue The Day. It’s intro like an air raid siren in the background before exploding with stacato piano and drums. Finally, I’m Never Bored lends itself easily to be The Cure except that fat Bob and the gang never had such restraint.

Tipped for the top by, and frequent support act to, The Strokes, French Kicks and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs amonst others. If they play like they do on this CD The Walkmen live gigs should be amazing.

Its a very 80’s indie sound with echoes shoegazing, Madchester, new wave and of past greats throughout.

Label : Star Time International (US, NYC)
Release Date : Out Now, Available on Import
Website : www.thewalkmen.com


  • They’re Winning
  • Wake Up
  • Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
  • Revenge Wears No Wristwatch
  • The Blizzard Of ’96
  • French Vacation
  • Stop Talking
  • We’ve Been Had
  • Roll Down The Line
  • That’s The Punch Line
  • It Should Take A While
  • Rue The Day
  • I’m Never Bored