Philip Kane – Songs For Swinging Lovers

This whole album sounds like a compilation of the token pop ballads from 80’s pop soul acts. It’s a bit Marti Pellow, Mick Hucknall or even Terrance Trent D’arby. Not my first choice of listening. It has that late night, commercial radio, Everyone-is-in-bed graveyard session feel to it. If you secretly love this kind of thing I would recommend it heartily. At times it even strays into a Rush-esque diet prog vibe (‘Tonight’especially).

Label : Corrupt Records
Release Date : Out Now
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  • Me, The Ladyboy, And Gloria Estefan
  • Oh Mercy
  • Sally’s Birthday
  • The Morning After The Morning After
  • Tonight
  • Barcelona
  • After The Shipwreck
  • To Be Free
  • Pearl Necklace
  • A Million Kisses (Will Not Heal You)

Chicks On Speed – 99 cents

The Berlin based happy mentalists Chicks on Speed return with a gloriously fun and varied album of sublime electropop. On the way Chicks on Speed have been enlisted many people to help them including the Canadian queen of the perverse Peaches, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), Nicola (Adult), Miss Kittin and Le Tigre. All of those diverse people have managed to sit happily inside the Chicks style. You can think of ’99 cents’ as Ladytron having fun, there are all the same elements but Chicks on Speed are determined to have a laugh at the same time. Be it in the nursey rhyme chorus of ‘Wordy Rappinghood’, the simple anticapitalism of ’99 Cents’ and ‘Sell-Out’ or the more hardcore space age sounds of ‘Universal Pussy’ there is a great sense that pleasure is king (or queen). This is top notch, party time, slightly derranged and blissfully wanton album. Fantastic!

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Label : Chicks On Speed Records/Labels

Release Date : 20 October 2003

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  • Shooting from the Hip
  • We Don’t Play Guitars (feat. Peaches)
  • Wordy Rapping Hood
  • Coventry
  • 99 Cents
  • Sell-Out
  • Culture Vulture
  • Universal Pussy
  • Love Life
  • Shick Sharing (feat. Miss Kitten)
  • Fashion Rules

Singles Reviews – 3 November 2003

The Blueskins – Magic Rd EP
Frenetic and jangly bluesy punk rockers The Blueskins have created a brilliant collection of seventies tinged songs in the ‘Magic Rd EP’. From the hard-edged folk-rock of ‘Ellie Meadows’ to the chaotic fun of ‘Can’t Get Down’ this EP is a treat to the ears. The ease they display in slipping between styles while keeping up the energy makes this EP stand head and shoulders above the mainstream of new rock. The echoes of Detroit and the music of 1970?s can clearly be heard but this diminishes the impact not a jot. Especially good, for my money, is the blues metal sounds of ‘Lager And Lime’ that cram powerchords and passion into a blistering two and a half minutes.

Label : Domino

Website :


Number 23

  • Can’t Get Down
  • Love My Guitar
  • Ellie Meadows
  • Lager And Lime

  • The Cornerstones – Smack Me In The Face

    This, the debut release from the west London five-piece, is not the track you might imagine from the title. I am well aware that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but I was all geared up for an aural assault of speaker blowing noisecore or at least a mind boggling BPM. As you have already guessed, that didn’t happen. Instead what oozed from my stereo was more akin to Crowded House given a splash of prog rock and left to marinade nicely for 48 hours. When I had reset my expectations accordingly I found ‘Smack Me in The Face’ a pleasantly lilting experience. It was an experience that continued with the other songs on the single. The Cornerstones create a passionate yet gentle vibe that blends depth with confidence.Label : Redemption

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  • Smack Me In The Face
  • Standing While I’m Tired
  • The Chosen Class

  • Delays – Long Time Coming

    Being unashamedly pop and being good at it too is a rare enough thing. To do it consistently is even rarer. The Delays have managed to continue their run of sun blessed guitar pop tunes that mix the West Coast sound, eighties indie and the timelessness that good pop song writing instils. ‘Long Time Coming’ will have you singing, dancing and humming along joyfully for many moons.

    Label : Rough Trade

    Website :

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