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On 21 May 2007, New York’s best kept secret and One Little Indian’s newest signings, Asobi Seksu (Japanese for playful sex), are to release their debut UK single. Called ‘Walk On The Moon’, the download only single is taken from Asobi Seksu’s forthcoming self titled debut album, which is released a week later, on 28 May. Backed with new track ‘Sooner’, promo copies of the single will also include the video for the title track, which is a featured video on MTVU and a No.1 ‘Dean’s List’ video (voted for by in The States.

Formed in 2002, the band is Japanese singer/keyboardist Yuki, guitarist/singer James Hanna, bassist Glenn Waldman, and drummer Keith Hopkin. Asobi Seksu eschew flavour-of-the-month posturing in favour of a sound that is intense, emotive, complex, and thoroughly beautiful. Yukis vivid stories of loss and heartbreak – sung in English and Japanese – soar above ebbing squalls of deeply textured guitar noise, swirling beauty and pulsating energy that would make Kevin Shields blush.

A mainstay of premiere East Coast venues – including sold-out shows in New York – Asobi Seksu are a formidable live act. Perfectly executing both the rhythmic precision and saturated ethereal melodies of their first studio effort, the band delivers a brilliant live performance. Never wasting a second, they blend pop sensibilities and poignant moments of melancholia with unexpected sonic explosions. . Mainstream press has taken notice, with favorable reviews from the New York Press, Amplifier, The Village Voice, and the New York Times, who praised their, blaring, shimmering, multilayered guitars and well-made pop melodies.

A second single will be released in July, when, hot on the heels of their debut album on 16 July, this Japanese / American combo will release their second studio album, ‘Citrus’ (the crossroads where My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth meet). A UK / international tour is currently being arranged for late Summer.

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