!!! (Chk Chk Chk) release ‘Must Be The Moon’

Myth Takes [VINYL] !!! – “Must Be The Moon” on 12″ and download on 14 May 2007 via Warp Records

!!!’s new single, “Must Be The Moon,” is all about sex – about trying to get the girl, about trying to get the boy, about whether either wants to be got and about everything that follows on from that; the good the bad and the failed. A universal anthem for every teenager in the country in pursuit of some action come Friday night; “Must Be The Moon” is your new favourite record!

!!!’s new album, “Myth Takes,” scrutinises the hoary old myths of rock ‘n’ roll excess, slams them up against the ancient myths which still fire our imagination and waits to see what comes out the other end. In the case of “Must Be The Moon” the story is told of one guy getting lucky in a club after a number of drinks, going home with the good-time girl of his wildest fantasies, only to awaken to find out that she’s had to finish herself off while he was snoring. As lead singer Nic Offer puts it, “Moon myth intact, Casanova deflated.”

The lyrics for “Must Be The Moon” are delivered in sing song, nursery rhyme style by Offer in a way which both comments on and buys into the excesses of hip hop without sounding like he really means it (“It’s all beginning to sound like a rap.”) The backing, meanwhile, is the taut, wiry hardcore rock-disco for which !!! are rightly lauded.

Remixes from Hot Chip and Emperor Machine respectively beef up and strip down the original for the dancefloors whilst uber-cool Brazilians CSS are rumoured to be going one further with a reply to Offer’s man-take on the whole one night stand phenomenon….we’ll keep you posted!


“Must Be The Moon,” will be released on the next full moon, which also happens to be the ancient fertility festival off Beltane. Put away your dictionary of technical musicspeak, take your finger from your chin, change into a t-shirt and shorts that are slightly too small for you, get up on the sofa, pop the !!! single into place, press play and let it all go. Throw some moves, have fun, dare to enjoy yourself. You never know, you might even get lucky…!!! will be playing the following festivals over the summer: Glastonbury, Reading / Leeds and Summer Sundae with more to be announced.

!!! – Must Be The Moon video links

WINDOWS MEDIA : Dirty Version / Clean Version

QUICKTIME : .Mov Version

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