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Amazon rumoured to be selling MP3’s by next month

CMU claim that “Word has it Amazon’s previously reported MP3 based download service will launch next month. Word also has it that MP3s will be sold via the existing Amazon interface, rather than via some snazzy iTunes rip off. Which sounds like a damn good idea to me – I’ve never understood why so many retailers split their physical and digital sales platforms, like no one person would ever want to buy both a CD and an MP3. The final word on the matter is that Amazon will allow variable pricing (something the majors are increasingly pushing for) but that they are very committed to only selling in MP3 format, and are willing to wait for Universal, Warner and SonyBMG to catch up in that regard. Good for them.”

Hopefully they will be DRM free, we will have to hope, wait and see

Update. Looks like no DRM!  Excellent

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