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Borne in the USA (and the rest of the world too)

Loss of Signal [Australian Import]On the morning of the 13th of February 2007 the Band “Borne” had no idea what was about to take place. The boys were excited about their album “Loss of Signal” being made available all over the world and thought a large audience might be exposed to their music. But everyone was overwhelmed by the amazing worldwide response. The guys have always valued the online community and appreciated the level playing field provided by the MySpace and YouTube revolution.

On the 23rd of Febuary Loss of Signal was sitting in the top 20 on the Amercian Billboard Digital charts (billboard) as well as being catapulted into the TOP 50 in Japan and New Zealand, the TOP 20 in the UK and Canada, and the TOP 10 in the USA, Australia and France on iTunes. With the single getting airplay on stations in the USA like Indy 103.1 and securing deals with advertisers and films in the USA, the word on Borne is certainly starting to circulate with powerful decision makers.

After a recent news article in which the giant EMI clamed to have lost millions of physical sales due to downloads and the recent Grammy awarded to Australian band Wolfmother, Michael Stangel, A+R for Borne’s Indy Label Jellyfish said “It’s a nice place to be right now. The phone has not stopped ringing and the offers are coming in at a rapid pace. There is talk of the band having one of its singles on the soundtrack for a major Hollywood blockbuster sequel, but I can’t say anymore right now.”

With the success of the two previous EPs, “BORNE EP” and “Souls on Satellite”, Borne is set for another busy year touring, with talk of a European tour in May and a possible trip to the USA in 2007 to promote “Loss of Signal”.

Borne’s Loss Of Signal has managed impressive download positions on itunes for the week ending 18th Feb, 2007 are as follows…

France: # 5 Overall Top Albums
USA: # 10 Overall Top Albums
Australia: # 6 Overall Top Albums
Canada: # 12 Overall Top Albums
UK: # 13 Overall Top Albums

Hear for yourself below!

Audio Stream: “The Guide” – Real Media / Windows Media
5 song sampler: Get it here!

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