Headland release new single and tour

2006 was a grand year for Headland. After singles ‘Monster in a Shirt’, ‘Bible, Torah & Koran’, and ‘Dogging Sisters’, here comes Love Hate – single #4 from Headlands forthcoming second album.

Never ones to settle for an easy life, our Headland gang spent months stopping people in the street to list their 5 main loves and hates. The results were fed into a computer alongside a stonking electro-glam backbeat and a dash of psychedelia, and the result is now in your hot little hand. Remixes come courtesy of legendary electrogoth stalwart Jonny Slut and his Atomizer, alongside hotly-tipped beardy-weirdy Scandy electropunks, Hot Viking.

The first 3 singles won many plaudits: from Zane Lowe on Radio 1; featured artist slot on Myspace; plays on MTV, Soccer AM and Top Shop TV(!) all over the country; and loads of Xfm love (playlists, live studio session, rocking the Xfm Weekender at the Islington Academy, playing the closing night of the Xfm Remix tour in London).

Drowned in Sound declared “I want to marry this band. Adam & Joe went mad for Headland on their podcast. Headland continues to spread the word for blistering live sets with a growing reputation for leaving more established bands fearful to take the stage (you know who you are!), high points being twin assaults on Electrogogo and Nag Nag Nag.

Headlands sell-out Choc Ice nights at The Luminaire in NW London have earned praise from Time Out and Metro, where their ugly mugs featured last time. Watch out for the next party on March 1st, the 1950s ice cream ladies will still be there of course, dishing out mini milks on the sly.

www.headlandmusic.org / myspace.com/headland

YouTube video link

Upcoming live dates:
Thurs 5 April INSOMNIACS BALL @ SeOne, London Bridge.
Sat 5 May STANDON CALLING @ The Spitz
Thurs 24 May CHOC ICE 5 @ The Luminaire

SINGLE: Love Hate
RELEASE: 19 March 2007
LABEL: Touchy Feely Records
FORMAT: Download

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