Fall Out Boy’s bloody art giveaway!

Fall Out Boy are set to hold a competition giving away promotional posters which will be created using the medium of blood. That’s right. BLOOD. But they’re not doing it to be spooky, or anything – it seems that they’re doing it to encourage people to donate blood, and as an homage to Kiss. Well, I think so. At least, they seem to have got the idea from Kiss, who in 1977 gave some of their blood to Marvel Comics, who mixed it with red paint and used it to colour their first Kiss comic.

Bassist Pete Wentz explained: “We’re going to be running a series of contests. One is an ode to Kiss. My brother is going to make 45 prints based on images from our record. Each will be hand-numbered and individually made. In addition, all prints will have a mixture of each member of the band’s blood in it”. He added that the contest would highlight “the much-needed support for blood drives”.

A winner will be chosen in each city the band visits on their US tour.


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