Dirty Three ATP and ATP vs. The Fans update…


Nick Cave Solo/Grinderman/Felix Lajko/Bill Callahan (Formerly Smog)/The Dirty Three/Low/Papa M/The Drones/Faun Fables/Brokeback/Tara Jane O’Neil/Magnolia Electric Company/A Silver Mount Zion…/Devastations/Josh Pearson/Mick Harvey/Shannon Wright/Conway Savage/Cat Ppower/Spiritualized: Acoustic Mainline Performing Spaceman 3 & Spiritualized Songs/Mum Smokes/Small Knives/Joanna Newsom/Yann Tiersen/White Magic/Psarantonis/Ian Wadley/Art OF Fighting/Youpi Youpi Yeah/Alan Vega Solo (Suicide)/Roscoe Mitchell (Art Ensemble OF Chicago)/Einsturzende Neubauten/Sally Timms (Mekons)/Matana Roberts/Secretary/Ed Kuepper With Jeffery Wegener/The Scientists/Tren Brothers/We Ragazzi/Cooper-Moore – Assif Tsahar/The Only Ones (Exclusive Show)/Nina Nastasia

Club Nights: Drowned In Sound and Rough Trade Shops as well as ATP DJS

ATP VS THE FANS: MAY 18th – 20th
NEW ADDITIONS: Cornelius, The Go Team!, Clinic, Bat For Lashes, Wilco, Yo La Tengo, Mogwai and Patti Smith and Explosions in the sky

Modest Mouse/Mogwai/Explosions In The Sky/Apples In Stereo/Battles/Yo La Tengo/Les Savy Fav/Wilco/Trans Am/The Thermals/Annuals/Okkervil River/Clinic/The Go Team!/Bat For Lashes


Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies/Built To Spill/Sparklehorse/Akron Family/Notwist/Echo & The Bunnymen/Do Make Say Think/Death Vessel/Brightblack Morninglight/Shellac OF North America/Micah P. Hinson/The Books/Band Of Horses/Grizzly Bear/Edan + MC Dagha/Patti Smith/Ghost/Alexander Tucker/Capricorns/Tall Firs/Current 93/Isis/Cornelius

Club Nights: Drowned In Sound/Rough Trade Shops/Hip-Hop Club Night With Edan + MC Dagha and DJ Spykid + a guest hip-hip DJ from USA tba

How ATP VS THE FANS works.

a] When you buy your tickets, you will be given details of a website. The person who actually buys the tickets will log into a page where they will be able to email out voting forms to each person in their apartment.
b] Each person then needs to use that form to submit their top ten bands.
c] Each week, the received votes will be tallied and listed on www.atpfestival.com in order of popularity. ATP will then start asking bands from the top of the list, down. Please note that this means the earlier you vote the more your vote will mean¦.

Some things to keep in mind…

a] The resort has a capacity of less than 6000. Please bear this in mind when making your choices. You can ask for someone like Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones but they will inevitably be considerably more expensive than the whole line-up put together, thus wasting one of your choices.
b] We are unable to raise the dead.
c] Just because a band is at the top of the list does not mean they will play. They have to be available and have to want to do it.
If you put a band that is taking a hiatus or has broken up several years ago, please consider that you might be wasting a vote. You might not be, so you are welcome to take a chance, but an artist has to want to
d] You cannot vote for the same band twice.
e] You cannot vote twice.
f] If you are the one that has bought the apartment and you feel you have a right to then take all the votes, please bear in mind you will have to share your weekend with people who did not get a chance to vote because of you.
g] Any attempt to manipulate the voting system will be taken very seriously by ATP and could lead to your votes being disqualified. Play fair. Choose wisely.

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