O2 unsigned competition announces finalists

Phone firm O2 have announced the final thirty artists in its search for new music talent, the previously reported O2 Undiscovered thingimy. A judging panel will now decide which of the thirty go through to the overall final, though tracks from each will also go online where punters can vote for their favourites, with one slot in the final reserved for the public’s favourite.  As previously reported, the overall winners on this one get a slot at the O2 Wireless festival in June, plus an official digital release and other stuff.  The finalists are as follows (and look, we tell you where they are from in brackets) – tracks from all thirty will go online today at http://www.o2undiscovered.co.uk.

Acusis (from Eastbourne)
Alexis Blue (from Wirral)
Angelina (from London)
Capelle Sound (from London)
Clap Disco (from Devon)
Doug Walker (from Manchester)
Eoghan Colgan (from Glasgow)
Jess Morgan (from Norwich)
Jo Harrop (from London)
Lost Origin (from Guildford)
Montana (from Birmingham)
Mr Smith & the B Flat Band (from Beckenham)
Numb (from Exeter)
Once a Thief (from Essex)
Russell Joslin (from London)
Ry Byron & The Gentleman (from Dorset)
Sam Carder (from London)
Sol Devious (from London)
Speedcircus (from London)
The 48 (from Edinburgh)
The Bongo Fury (from London)
The Carnival Ghosts (from Gravesend)
The Ryes (from Surbiton)
The Storm Of Eighty-Three (from London)
The Troubador (from Wigan)
The Vibrants (from Twickenham)
The Ya Ya’s (from Leeds)
Trail (from Sutton)
V-2 Schneider (from Edinburgh)
Zena (from London)

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