New site for 7″ news

With current indications showing that the vinyl format may very well outlive the CD, a company called Index7 has just launched a new website dedicated to new 7″ vinyl releases. With many 7″ releases these days being of the limited edition variety, Index7 hopes to keep collectors up to date with releases so that users can get their hands on them before they all sell out.

Founder Nick Levine told CMU: “I started Index7 out of frustration more than anything. I’ve always collected 7″ singles but was getting very irritated at the lack of information available to people like me who wanted to buy them.  I spoke to a lot of record companies and received very positive feedback about starting a dedicated 7″ single resource, so Index7 was born. It is a very easy platform to navigate and use and we already have over 30 labels signed up including the likes of Moshi Moshi, White Heat, City Rockers, Loog and Transgressive among others, with more joining every day.”

For the time being the site will provide news and leads rather than selling 7″ releases itself – links will be provided to independent retailers where users can order their copies.

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