Bromheads Jacket release “What If’s And Maybes” and live dates

What Ifs and MaybesClocking in at less than two minutes in length, this may be Bromheads Jacket’s attempt at answering Blur’s ‘Song 2’. Or something a bit like that (it is the track’s second outing, after all).It’s a fusion of loud guitars, constant questions and ponderings, with added ‘ooh oohs’. The recurrent live crowd favourite is without doubt the strongest track on debut album ‘Dits From The Commuter Belt’.

Yes, it’s something close to ‘art rock’, but this Sheffield trio appear to be going places with their punkish oral narratives about the mediocrity of life. The melody will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not, and you’ll undeniably be trying to memorise it for the next singalong.

‘What If’s And Maybes’ is released as a single through Marquis Cha Cha on 19th March 2007.

Bromheads Jacket live dates,

MARCH 2007
with The Yell and The Scarlet Harlots.
£8adv @ 7pm

23rd: MANCHESTER, Academy.
with Damn Shames and Our Fold.
£8adv @ 7.30pm

29th: LIVERPOOL, Carling Academy.
with Damn Shames and Stormy Corner.
£8adv @ 7pm

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