Seefeel to release album May 14th

– album Quique re-released May 14th

Beginning as a standard rock band in early 1992, the quartet known as Seefeel soon grew bored within the restraints of normal musical forms and started working with loops and programs rather than lyrics and choruses. Originally released in 1993, Quique became a must-have for any serious collector of ambient techno in the early nineties. The only artist ever invited to remix The Cocteau Twins, Seefeel remain a real inspiration to a variety of artists, from Boards Of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss through to Analogue Bubblebath-era Aphex Twin and back round to Tom Middleton (contemporaries include KLF’s Chillout, Aphex’s Ambient Works and The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld).

“Seefeel make a sound like the pleasant ache of a post-orgasmic brain, like the dizzy drone-swarm of butterflies in the stomach.” – Simon Reynolds

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