Jarvis Cocker to be next curator of Meltdown

Jarvis Cocker is to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Patti Smith, Morrissey, John Peel and David Bowie and will curate this year’s Meltdown festival, which will take place as usual at London’s South Bank Centre in June.

Cocker explained his plans for this year’s event thus: “I think the main thing is to mix things up; things that maybe shouldn’t go together, I’m hoping to get a weird mix of contemporary things and revivals of old stuff; and as much as possible that involves audience participation to a degree. I’m hoping to get some film stuff together. There will be high culture there, and low culture; some very low”.

The South Bank Centre’s Glenn Max, 6Music: “Jarvis seemed such an obvious choice. He has the right temperament; he pays the right kind of attention to the world, and has championed many different things. He has the right sense of humour, playfulness, and mischief”.

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