Shirley Bassey to release new single with Never The Bride

Shirley Bassey is set to release a single for the first time in ten years to mark her 70th birthday, collaborating with rock band Never The Bride on a track called ‘The Living Tree’. The singer is also reportedly considering the offer of a set at Glastonbury, and is due to release an album of remixed

Explaining how the collaboration came about, Never The Bride’s Nikki Lamborn described how she and bandmate Catherine Feeney found themselves staying at a Monaco hotel patronised by Bassey, and so left a copy of their CD and a letter for her. A few weeks later, they received a call from Bassey’s manager.

Lamborn: “We didn’t write it with Shirley Bassey in mind, but the way it came out, we always said, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if this could end up being a Bond song?’ You know how you have these little dreams? We just kept pinching ourselves. It was stunning. My heart was in my mouth because I’m such a fan. She really goes for it, sweat was lashing off her. I think her voice is even better now than she’s been in the past.”


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