Priestbird (ex Tarantula AD) announce UK tour and album

Like a phoenix from the flames TARANTULA A.D are reborn as…PRIESTBIRD!!!
SINGLE: 5th March: Season Of The Sun/Smoke And Pain (Kemado)
ALBUM: 2nd April: In Your Time  (Kemado)
In Your Time

7th Manchester The Phoenix
8th Sheffield Corporation
9th Nottingham The Social
10th London Luminaire

Watch Priestbird’s “Life Not Lost (live)”:

Praise for the Tarantula A.D album:
Book Of Sand will be living on this reviewer’s playlist for a very long time to come. Beautiful. MUSICOMH
‘Book of Sand’ was apparently recorded partly outside on an isolated island off the northwest coast of Washington state. If this is the result of much pedantic pissing about then maybe more bands should think about setting the spools rolling with the door ajar. PLAYLOUDER

(New York, NY) Formerly known as Tarantula AD, Priestbird will release their debut full length In Your Time on April, 2007. The band will support this release with a tour this Spring.

Since the release of Book of Sand in late 2005, Tarantula ADs sound has been constantly evolving to the point where the band members felt an overall change was in order. Taking their name in reference to a character in one of their songs that looks after the bird spirits on the afterlife, Priestbird start a new life with In Your Time. According to Gregory Rogove, For this record we developed most of the songs in the studio, which allowed us to focus on song-writing, building environmental textures and maintaining a certain mood for a longer period of time instead of the schizophrenia-type writing that we explored in Tarantula AD.

Recorded in the Kemado Studios by Black Crowes engineer Chris Ribando, In Your Time finds all three musicians playing various instruments and each singing on different parts of the record, which is a first for them. The multi-layered duality of the record starts with heavy opener Life Not Lost that quickly changes pace with the more sublime Season Of The Sun. Songs like the title track and Last To Know present a lush soothing almost otherworldly sound alongside the stark orchestration of tracks like Kliminz and Mandog.

Under the Tarantula AD name, the band has played shows all over the world with the likes of Dungen, Devendra Banhart, Pearl Jam, Medeski, Martin, & Wood, and more.

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