Kamikaze Hearts to release Oneida Road LP

ONEIDA ROAD will be released 9 April 2007 on Tangled Up! Recordings

Tangled Up! Records are delighted to present Oneida Road, the debut UK release for The Kamikaze Hearts and the first for Tangled Up! Recordings.
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The Kamikaze Hearts originate from the farmlands and mountains just outside Albany, NY.

Their unique upstate porch rock sound comes from 5 musicians who all know each other through the Albany music scene. Bob Buckley, who sings and plays guitar and dobro, Nate Giordano plays bass, Matthew Loiancono sings and plays mandolin and banjo, Troy Pohl sings and plays guitar, Gavin Richards sings and plays the drum and the cymbal.

The Kamikaze Hearts have long been described as folk-rock for the indie-rock set, but those rules continue to change for the band and the world around them. As Neil Youngs fans get younger and Sufjan Stevens fans get older, distinctions with age attachments no longer exist. The Kamikaze Hearts have turned folk on its side and unearthed a new world, where the old-school masterworks shake hands with the brash and viscerally new. With their new record, Oneida Road, The Kamikaze Hearts occupy a place that is timeless, as it recalls a few genres while gracefully defying all of them

Singers Troy Pohl and Gavin Richard tell stories equally built for the young and the weathered, for the stupidly in love and the achingly alone. Filled with gorgeous imagery and a strong narrative presence, these tales of home, life and commonplace existence ring with a sense of familiar nostalgia. Even if youve never had a round at Wolferts Roost, or tracked a deer a few seconds too long, Oneida Road reigns you inside these moments as they unfold over the course of an album. Entirely self-recorded and produced over the course of the last 3 years, this record is an exciting introduction for new listeners and a sigh of relief for longtime fans. The Kamikaze Hearts having travelled far and wide musically, have parted ways with their acoustic only mindset, expanding their canvas to incorporate a fuller, richer and more realised form. Oneida Road is the proof of their journey…

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Maybe the best underground alt-country record youll hear this year¦they probably wont be our little secret for long¦ so best enjoy their bittersweet heartache privately while you can. 8/10 Pop Matters

This upstate New York quartet offers passion fueled songs full of lush harmonies and edgy, gripping melodies The Village Voice NY

We’ve spent the last few weeks listening to the Kamikaze Hearts’ new album, Oneida Road, pretty much non-stop Idolator

Heres the difference between the Kamikaze Hearts and everyone else — they put out a record thats worth every piece of buzz press it gets. They are a band that you can, and hopefully will, get behind for the long haul. They arent a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow type of outfit …its a wonderful record, bar none and is easily going to be one of my favorites of the year. Captains Dead

Three years in the making, the path through Oneida Road is Kamikazes celebration of patience and pain. Junk Media


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