Two tickets for Radiohead and a lucky dip please…

Those Camelot people, you know, the National Lottery bods, have announced a new alliance with Ticketmaster, you know, the ticketing bods. The partnership is part of Camelot’s bid to re-secure the government awarded licence to run the country’s lottery. As part of their bid the company hope to introduce new strands to their lottery games, and the Ticketmaster alliance is part of that plan.

Among the joint ventures planned between the two companies are the sale of lottery tickets via the Ticketmaster website, the inclusion of tickets to premier events as lottery prizes, especially on scratch card games, and possibly the facility to sell tickets to events (and especially events which have received funding from the lottery’s charitable arm) via the lottery machines that are installed in thousands of shops across the UK.

Announcing the partnership, Camelot CEO Dianne Thompson told reporters: “Camelot and Ticketmaster are both experts in selling tickets, so it makes sense to combine our mutual expertise. Our customers have told us that they want greater convenience in buying tickets and a broader range of prizes – and this agreement will help us to meet both of those needs and develop our vision for the lottery of the future. This is just one example of the innovative relationships and services which form the cornerstone of Camelot’s exciting proposals for the third lottery licence”.

Ticketmaster boss Chris Edmonds, Managing Director of Ticketmaster UK, added: “We are very excited by the opportunities offered in our agreement with Camelot. Ticketmaster’s aim is to provide consumers with choice, great service and easy and fair access for all when purchasing tickets. Working with Camelot will further enable us to offer unparalleled support to the entertainment industry by offering extended marketing and distribution opportunities for our venue, promoter and sports team clients across the UK.  This alliance reflects our commitment to explore innovative ways to deliver our services to the general public and to offer incremental support to our clients”.

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