Glasto pre-registration site is up

Thousands of people have already registered with the Glastonbury Festival after their registration site went live yesterday.

As I’m sure we’ve mentioned previously, the online registration does not involve the purchase or even reservation of actual tickets, rather it means that potential ticket holders register their name, address and phone number with the festival, and upload a photo of themselves. Should they then secure tickets when they go on sale on 1 Apr, those tickets will be assigned to their personal details and photo, so that only they will be able to use the tickets to access the festival site when it opens on 20 June, ie ensuring people cannot sell tickets on at a profit.

Explaining the new registration system, Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis told reporters: “It’s a much fairer system. It means unscrupulous people won’t be able to sell their tickets on for a profit. The people who buy the tickets on April 1 will be the people who are actually coming to the festival. I assure you that your details will not be used for any other purpose”.

Fans have until the end of the month to register online, or by using postal forms available at UK camping supplies retail chain Millets. The three day festival, which took a year off last year of course, returns in June with The Who, Arctic Monkeys and Bjork already confirmed to play.

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