The Dials: Fopp Award for New Music Winner

The Dials formed in Brighton four years ago. They fuse classic country rock with ’60s psychedelic garage, folk and much, much more. Over the last few years theyve been steadily winning over people with their intoxicating cocktail of instant but sometimes strange classics. BBC Radio 2s Mark Lamarr is a fan and describes them as really, really good.

About to finish their first album, they take on board influences from The Byrds to early Pink Floyd, and from classic soul to Nick Drake, but The Dials occupy a space that is completely their own.

The Dials say: This is excellent news. Its all been going really well this year, weve had American radio airplay, UK national airplay and have even been invited to play a Radio 2 live session, and now we win this fabulous new music award. Its all looking up.

Read about the awards, the releases and showcase gig here

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