Bloc Party’s A Weekend In the City audio stream

Bloc Party have made their upcoming album ‘A Weekend in the City’ available to listen to exclusively on their official MySpace page.

The band will also be the subject of a Channel 4 4Music Presents programme on Sunday night including performances of new tracks and an exclusive interview with presenter Miquita Oliver.

Buy ‘A Weekend in the City’ from or

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The New Bloc Party album ‘A Weekend In The City’, one of the most eagerly anticipated releases this year, is being offered in a higher quality sound format by the independent UK music download site, with no restrictions on what portable player customers use, as there is no DRM.

Bloc Party A Weekend In The City offers their music encoded at 256kbps and in MP3 format , most other sites offer music at either 128kbps or 192kbps but charge the same. The little kbps stands for kilobytes per second and represents the amount of information or detail the music has. Given the option many music fans prefer 256kbps as it sounds better and therefore they are getting better value for money. There is a real feel about the site that they are increasingly trying to offer more value to the music lover, with the flexibility buying single tracks or joining a subscription service and saving around 60%.

In the last few years the site has been carving a niche as an alternative source for music downloaders, looking beyond the mainstream and towards more indie music that doesn’t have much exposure on the bigger corporate sites. Along with a free editorial policy they give front page exposure to what they believe is the best new music on the site with ‘Reviews Of What’s New’ and the ‘Editors Earmark’. There is a mix of familiar independent bands along with unsigned artists who have made it to the top of the sites download filter chart, all through their own endeavors.

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