Soulsavers “Its Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land” Released 2nd April 2007

The Soulsavers follow up their critically acclaimed debut, Tough Guys Dont Dance, with, Its Not How Far You Fall, Its The Way You Land. Three years in the making, this time round they have joined up with Mark Lanegan who provides vocals on eight songs.
The album also features a cameo performance by Will Oldham. It’s an eleclectic recording, a unique mix of hip-hop, rock, country, soul & gospel.

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“There are a few acts I am unwilling to perform in public. Near the top of the list is falling to my knees, raising my hands to heaven, and crying like a redeemed sinner. Luckily I was on my own when I first heard the Soulsavers. From that moment on I adopted the role of travelling medic, administering Soulsaver medicine whenever and wherever I could. Believe me brothers and sisters; I was not once chased out of town. Soulsavers aint no snake oil, it’s righteous medicine.”

– Andrew Weatherall

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