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Bring It onGoose have a new single, ‘Low Mode’, coming out on the 19th February. Make sure you watch the video below!

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Goose release their debut album ‘Bring It On’ on 12th February on Skint Records. Initial quantities come with a bonus CD including: ‘Black Gloves (featuring Marcus Graap)’, ‘British Mode (Jesters Mix)’, ‘Bring It On (Tronik Mix)’, ‘Everybody (Dub)’ and ‘Masters On Top’.

They merge rock’n’roll with dance rhythms and nasty, filthy synths to make a blissful, celebratory pop noise with a sinister cinematic undercurrent. Play next to Justice, Daft Punk, The Rapture, Kasabian, Who Made Who, Infadels, LCD Soundsystem, and Hot Chip and even Enter Shikari and New Rave acts like Klaxons.

The album features the swinging, sleazy, insistent ‘British Mode’, the taut Euro-electro of ‘Bring It On’, ‘3T4’ with its psychedelic Beatles harmonies against an electro groove and stomping T-Rex beat, the raving ‘Everybody’, ‘Black Gloves’ buzzing like a nest of angry hornets rockin’ to a super-fast beat, and the original version of ‘Low Mode’.

Last year Goose released 2 acclaimed singles (see above and their recent placings in MIXMAG’s and DISORDER’s Singles Of The Year) which got great support from Zane Lowe, Jo Whiley, John Kennedy Annie Mac, Eddy Temple Morris, James Hayman, Bob Harris, EMAP, MTV, and E4. This year is already hotting up with Goose in the Tips For 2007 in THE SUN and NOTION and sessions/interviews to run on XFM and E4.

Their new single ‘Low Mode’ (Skint 130/ Skint 130CD is out on 19th February on digital (through RecordStore and iTunes), CD and the next in their series of highly collectable 7″s featuring new tracks and mixes including one by hot Parisian, Surkin. It’s a harder, faster, louder version of a track on their imminent debut album. These releases will see Goose kicking New Rave up the arse with their punk-rocking dance sounds and wild gigs. ‘With guttural guitars and korg-infested riffs they’ll have your booty a-shaking quicker than you can say “blow your whistles”‘ (NOTION). Check out the new video that captures their full-on live set at Brighton’s Core Club in front of a sweaty rabid crowd.

Goose gigs are an experience. The buzzing synths, the happy dancing crowds, the breakdowns and all hands in the air waiting for the beat to come right in! And bam!! It’s all live, no clicktrack or samplers, but using breakdowns like a DJ does. Like punk-era Cabaret Voltaire beating up Daft Punk at an open-air rave. “With a front man that jiggles his hips like Bryan Ferry, every girl with half a mind will be drooling over these four winged lovelies” (NOTION). Dynamic singer Mickael really gets the crowd going. So frantic was the response at a recent gig the floor collapsed.

Read what the press are saying about them…

‘They’ve got more bang than a nuclear bomb. Watch these guys piss all over Hot Chip whilst laughing in the Klaxons’ faces next year. Yes, they’re that good.’ – ARTROCKER

‘One of the underground dance singles of the year’ – NME

‘One of the most interesting dance releases in ages…..4/5’ – THE SUN

‘Possibly THE dance track of the summer’ – DAILY STAR

‘A big, stomping, sleazy bassline is at the heart of this track like Kasabian doing Daft Punk’ – MUSIC WEEK Playlist

‘This is gonna cause a riot over the coming month. Essential Electro Tune 5/5’ – UPDATE

‘This album is immense….8/10’ – NME

‘This album is fantastic…..8/10’ – DISORDER

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