Indigo Moss release eponymous debut album in March

Indigo Moss now out 26 March 2007 on Butterfly Recordings –

Indigo Moss also announce headline London show, and are confirmed as support act for The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Following the release of their debut single Start Over Again / CC Rider, on 26 March Indigo Moss are to release their debut self-titled album on Youth and Simon Tongs new label Butterfly Recordings. The album will be preceded by the release of a second single, Dag Nabitt, on 12 March, and Indigo Moss are also featured on the Butterfly label compilation, What The Folk, which is out on 12 February.

Having already supported Howling Bells on their recent UK Tour, Indigo Moss have just been confirmed as support for The Good, The Bad and The Queens UK Tour. Trevor, Hannah and Simon will play the following dates:

Jan 27 Bristol Trinity
Jan 28 Southsea Parade Pier
Jan 29 Leeds Irish Centre
Jan 30 Motherwell Civic

Feb 1 Dudley JBs
Feb 2 London York Hall
Feb 3 Warrington Parr Hall
Feb 4 Aylesbury Civic

In addition, the full Indigo Moss band will headline Londons Water Rats on 27 February.

Moonshine may be hard to find these days, yet in south London tales of the powerful stuff are still told – thanks to a close-knit bunch that call themselves the Moss family.

Our tale starts in the kitchen of a shared house, where nascent performers Trevor and Hannah-Lou Moss take turns to tentatively play each other their new material. Both pen their own laments of concealed love and loss, – little do they know their muses are one another. One product of those late night sessions is the tense, sultry Swimming, soon to be heard on Indigo Mosss forthcoming album.

They agreed to perform together and soon attracted like-minded characters into their orbit. It has become a freewheeling set up: some members stay a while, others only a short time, but may one day return.. We either gained or lost a member every two months, Hannah-Lou shrugs. The current crew, that has so far been the guest of Badly Drawn Boy and supported Howling Bells on tour, consists of Simon Moss (mandolin), Bee Moss (drums), Leon Moss (violin/washboard) and Lil Daisy Moss (bass) and of course Trevor (guitar) and Hannah-Lou (banjo), all of whom frequently exchange instruments.

As the family drew together, so certain songs called to them from the hills and the delta. The evergreen CC Rider has been heard in many guises, a tribute to Americanas great musical melting pot. Meanwhile Robert Johnsons Hot Tamales is a more rare gem, less trad 12-bar blues and more a rousing come-hither for medicine show or election-time rally. The mark of a good song is if you can play it with different arrangements and different instruments, Trevor wisely expounds. We just think of our music as old fashioned rock n roll, from that time when country and blues was coming together.

Indeed, so many styles and influences collide in the familys music, you can imagine The Velvet Underground trapped in the Appalachians (Happy) or Phil Spector creating his wall of sound with a jug band (Start Over Again). It certainly caught the ear of Simon Tong (Verve/Gorillaz/The Good, The Band & The Queen), who caught them by chance at their regular haunt The Ivy House in Nunhead. He invited the gang to play his own folk night at Mau Mau, Portobello Road, where his comrade Youth was DJing. The veteran producer was then working on the soundtrack to Britflick Freebird and invited the family to play in a scene and contribute some numbers. This gave them time to work on their debut album, a thrilling collision of old time styles and new ideas. So excited were they by the results, Tong and Youth signed them to their Butterfly Recordings label, while the former Verve member produced said album at Damon Albarns Studio 13.

Here you find the Moss family magic distilled to a fiery poteen, from the raucous Dang Nabitt to the quiet menace of Suicide Song. And listen carefully to Sweet Spirits O Cats A Fightin, where they update the traditional bootleggers tale, so the protagonist turns up his nose at white powder in favour of his own powerful brew. Time, then, to take a sip of Indigo Mosss own potent recipe.

Indigo Moss
Indigo Moss debut album

Release date: 26 March 2007
Formats: CD
Distribution: ADA Warners

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