Youth and Simon Tong’s Butterfly Recordings release their first album, showcasing the label.

WHAT THE FOLK (Butterfly Acoustic Recordings Vol.1)
– album out 12 February 2007 –

“They came from all corners of the kingdom: the bedsits of Brixton, the haylofts of rural Yorkshire, Sussex by the sea, the Braes of Mar and the furthermost Celtic fringe. Young artists, artisans and ageing hippies turning rumours and chance observations into hard fact. Inspired by the ancient troubadour traditions of western Europe, Alan Lomaxs recordings of folk and roots music in the United States during the early part of the last century and the British folk revival of the 1960s to the present day, this song set documents their efforts.”

In January 2004 producer and renowned musician YOUTH mentioned to SIMON TONG (ex Verve; The Good, The Bad And The Queen) that he was thinking of starting a folk label and asked if he would be interested in being part of it. Tong immediately said yes.

The two shared a common interest in folk and acoustic music from the early traditions to the folk revivals of the 60s through to the contemporary post folk movements of the 21st century, and gave themselves a few loose, breakable rules.

To be:
1. Predominantly acoustic
2. Predominantly English in origin.
3. Recorded in the artists own intimate environment as much as possible.

As 2004 progressed, simply from word-of-mouth, they were inundated with singers and acts. Any one Tong mentioned the folk label to seemed to know someone who was a potential artist and it just flowed from there. As Tong put it – “From bed-sits in Brixton to a Weslyan chapels in rural Yorkshire, from a transcendental meditation community in Lancashire to the university campus of Exeter- the music made itself known.”

By the start of 2005 Youth and Tong had captured 15 tracks – whether its ramshackle avant-folk out of the Medway delta or traditional troubadour tales and forest music for the modern primitive, each song captures the intimate environment of the artists own making, and each will also be releasing their own material on the label in the not too distant future, starting with Indigo Moss in February and Duke Garwood in March.

With no rules broken, What The Folk was born.

Post-folk, psychedelia, electronica, bluegrass? Its all just a flutter away.

Release date: 12 February 2007
Formats / Cat No.: CD (BARCDLP01)
Distribution: ADA Warners

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