SILVER ROCKET present Popular Workshop, Pocus Whiteface, Future Corpses and Slowgun

Saturday 20th January, 2007
Silver Rocket @ Rota
Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JQ
4pm – 8pm
free entry

Popular Workshop
“Inspired by many-a-band to make propulsive fucked-up unhinged beautiful pop music – named after Atelier Populaire – be realistic, demand the impossible – guitars fly – drums collapse…”
“Popular Workshop’s live performances are akin to watching a full-scale riot break loose. They’re rambunctious, discordant and utterly addictive viewing.” REPEAT
Band myspace:

Pocus Whiteface
As stolen from their myspace site: Quck description: “Loud drums, loud bass, loud guitar, some shouting, no metal.” Seems accurate!
Band myspace:

Future Corpses
Gorgeous yet unpolished post-rock for anyone who appreciates 65days of static, youthmovie soundtrack strategies, godspeed etc.
Band myspace:

Catchy pop/punk/indie tunes about the day to day life of superheroes and kids with unusually large heads…
“They sound like they’ve been around for ages but they are a mere babe in swaddling cloths. Songs of heartbreak and love and comic book heroes, dark of rhythm and hopeful of voice. Don’t miss.” the Windmill
Band website:
Band myspace:

and the usual Silver Rocket record collection before, after, and in between. Be there!

How to find NHAC for the uninitiated:
Go to Notting Hill Gate tube station.  At the first junction take the exit NOT for Portobello Road (I think it is left but can’t quite remember), at the second junction take the left hand one. You should appear at the surface over the road from the MVEs, if not, try try try again. Head towards the big metal elephant, carry on over the junction (best wait for a green man though eh), you should see a HSBC. Keep going, it is a door or so after that, there will be a big wooden door and some stairs into a basement, a security man on the door, and a crowd barrier, don’t expect any signs or anything.
There is a map here it’s probably a lot more useful.

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