Pop Levi debut album lands in February ’07

Buy The Return to Form Black Magick Party from Amazon.co.ukFormer Ladytron and Supernumeri man Pop Levi is set to release his debut album ‘The Return To Form Black Magick Party’ in the UK on 12 February.

Levi told NME.com: “I’d like the album to win the Mercury Prize. I hope people really get into it. The album is all about putting things backwards, sideways, through mirrors and on their head. Black magic is the main theme. It’s about the left path – the more sinister way”.

So there you go. Here’s the tracklisting:

Sugar Assault Me Now
Blue Honey
(A Style Called) Crying Chic
Pick-Me-Up Uppercut
Skip Ghetto
Dollar Bill Rock
Mournin’ Light
See My Lord
Hades’ Lady
From The Day That You Were Born

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