Black Strobe Decks & Effects podcast and remix competition deadline nearing

A Remix SelectionThose of you with an eye on the music press will have noticed Black Strobe’s remix album ‘A Remix Selection’ has been receiving some awesome reviews. Here are some of the highlights:

The Remix Black Strobe web site keeps the content coming on strong into 2007 with a defining podcast that encompasses everything that this bastion of Black Strobe is about. This 30-minute segment of a recent decks and FX show showcases Arnaud and Ivans unbinding harmony with the dark matter that supports every dance floor they tear to pieces on every appearance. Subscribe here:

The ‘Submit Your Mix’ competition is still open at the above URL, though the closing date for submissions will be 5TH FEBRUARY, so anyone wishing to get in on the action should get remixing with a swiftness! The competition winner could have their remix included on an official Black Strobe release…



“A vital purchase from the dark lords of electro” – Mixmag
“This collection is an excellent introduction to a considerable talent” – Music Week
“All [remixes] suggest that their soon-to-be-released debut artist album might just be sensational” – Mojo
“If you share Black Strobe’s love of all things electronic mixed with rock muscle then you’ll dig this” – One Week To Live

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