Whirlwind Heat & Lightspeed Champion releases due

Types of Wood The new single “How Do You Do / My Dreams” is scheduled for 15th January release, through Brille records.

Whatever happened to Test Icicles?. Perhaps it was the shock of touring with Whirlwind Heat, undoubtedly one of the worlds best live experiences that finally sent them over the edge. But every cloud has a silver lining they say and perhaps it could be this unholy union of The Heat, and ex-icicle Devonte Hynes.

Shortly after the end of that tour, Dev, a long time admirer of Whirlwind Heat journeyed to their Grand Rapids Michigan hideaway, basketball and guitar in hand to see what he could bring to them, and what they might teach him.

The result was a collection of songs that are wistful, almost yearning, yet still managing to maintain Whirlwind Heats heavier more insistent edge. And with guitars, and melody. A new experience for the Moog and Bass Heat.

Since then Whirlwind Heat have finished touring the U.S with Peaches and Be Your Own Pet, and have returned home to write, record and produce a new album of their own, as well as filming videos for every song on their last album, to be released early in 2007.

And while you wait for that, heres a limited 7 of two songs from the Lightspeed Champion / Whirlwind Heat collaboration, How Do You do? / My Dreams.

Whirlwind Heat + Lightspeed Champion = Lightspeed Heat.

Whirlwind Heat space:

Lightspeed Champion space:

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