Pete Doherty/Dot Allison single delayed indefinately

AfterglowAccording to reports, Dot Allison says Kate Moss has banned Pete Doherty from releasing duets he recorded with her when they were in a relationship two years ago. Allison told the Sunday Mail, “Pete and I wrote a batch of great songs together two years ago. He’s a very good writer and poet. But they can’t be released at the moment.

The situation is Kate has banned him from releasing them. That’s what I’ve been told. Most of them are strummed on acoustic guitar, really beautiful duets. We were going to release an album of duets but it has been put on ice because of what’s happened to him since. He’s not well, is he? Our single, ‘I Wanna Break Your Heart’, was just about to be released but now it’s not. Hopefully we’ll be able to release it one day.”

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