Free Frank Turner MP3 available Christmas Day

Sleep Is for the WeekThe single ‘Vital Signs’ will be available for free on Christmas Day. All fans have to do is email stating their wish and Santa will send them an email on Christmas Day with details of where to download the track.

From Frank-Turner.comWell, it’s about time that I started naffing it up with the whole “Christmas is coming” thing, right? I mean, we’re done with Halloween now (and I made such an effort for that). Seriously though, I do have an xmas present in the works for the human race, and it’s going to blow all of your tiny little minds. Let me explain…

So the album is very nearly ready for manufacture – just sorting out the last of the artwork, a few legal bits n bobs, and we’ll be there. It’s scheduled for release on 15th January 2007, a day I’m sure you’ve all got blocked out in your diaries already. Preceding the album is a download single, called Vital Signs. There’s a video for this which will be up on the site soon enough. Basically it’s going to be a free download on xmas day (plus a b-side, a new unreleased track called ‘Heartless Bastard Motherfucker’).


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