Manchester Pillow Fight! Get in!!


We all love pillows in Manchester and we all like our fights aswell. On 23rd of December 2006 these two will combine into a gigantic day of pillow related madeness in this fine city of Manchester.
Pillow Fight Flyer
Over 20 schools and universities around the region are looking to break the record for the Worlds Biggest Pillow Fight. At the time of going to press organisers are expecting a minumum of between 1-2000 Manchester residents will descend on Albert Square (outside the town hall), but are hoping that as word gets out they will be able to break the record of 3648 participants from the University of Albany, New York that was set in April 2005.

As the German Market moves from Albert Square on 20th December this is the last official event for the people of Manchester the day before Xmas Eve.

Videos of these fights in other cities:

Full details here

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wel… rocks in pillows or anything i went n it was fun…good experience. but not as big as it cuda been, rough guess…….abt 500 ppl. 700max!

we want to recreate the pillow fight february 16th 2pm
200 people already signed up we need more participants

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