Joakim Bouaziz releases new album details

Joakim Bouaziz is one of the most illustrious people that the world of (not only) electronic music has produced. He started at the age of 6 with the piano, took lessons with Abdel Rahman El Bacha, a famous concert pianist.

Joakim’s debut album “Tigersushi” (1999), which 4Hero, Next Evidence, DJ Medhi and others, cited on “Tigersushi Remixed” (2000), also became the name of the label Joakim founded in 2001.
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“Fantomes” followed in 2003, with tracks like “Come Into My Kitchen” and “Are You Vegetarian?” becoming real club hits.

Now, Joakim returns with a brand new album ‘Monsters And Silly Songs’, which will be released through !K7 on 19th February, 2007.

Tracklisting for the album is as follows:

1. Monster #1
2. Sleep In Hollow Tree
3. I Wish You Were Gone
4. Three Legged Lantern
5. Monster #2
6. Lonely Hearts
7. Peter Pan Over The Bronx
8. Rocket Pearl
9. Drumtrax
10. Everything Bright & Still
11. Monster #3
12. Palo Alto
13. The Devil With No Tail
14. Monsters #4
15. Love-Me-2
16. Tanabata


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