Black Strobe release remix album and launch remix competition

This week sees the release of the new remix album from Parisian electro architects Black Strobe, ‘A Remix Selection’, through Playlouderecordings.  If you love your remixes dark, heavy and powerful, we’re fairly sure this is a record you’re going to want to find poking out of your stocking on Xmas morning.  As if that were not enough there is a Remix Competition!

Those of you have been wise enough to subscribe to the Black Strobe podcast will be familiar with the URL ‘‘, where fans have been given a Paul Epworth (Phones) remix of the current ‘Shining Bright Star’ single, as well as remix selections from band members Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotini, all for free.

Remix competition
Well, the URL has now evolved into a quite spectacular remix competition, so go check back!  Black Strobe are asking fans to download the individual track parts from their remix album, and to use those parts to create their own remixes, which they can then
submit to the site.  There is a rating system so you can show your love / hate accordingly.  The most popular mix may even see a full release, with the remixer payed a full remix fee!

Don’t be shy, give it a try:


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