Robert Smith invites assassins

His words, not mine. I like The Cure. Anyway, frontman Robert Smith has said in an interview with Reuters that he’s struggling to write lyrics for some of the thirty three new songs the band have written for the group’s fourteenth studio album. Smith says: “I want [the words] to mean something, it’s not enough that they rhyme. I find myself stopping short and thinking I’ve done this before, and better. I’ve given myself a deadline to finish the words before Christmas. If I don’t I should be shot”.

As previously reported, the band released a new DVD on 27 November, ‘Festival 2005’, which features thirty performances recorded during nine different shows last year.  Commenting on the release, Smith said: “It was never planned. By the time we did the final show in Istanbul we had 13 cameras, but at the first show we only had one. It was directed by serendipity, and it was kind of thrown together.”

He adds that he will perform for as long as there’s a demand. “I’m genuinely surprised at people’s reaction when we play shows, it’s hard to ignore it,” he said. “It’s gratifying to know that people still want The Cure to exist.  We’re an old band playing to a young audience. I’m aware that time is moving on. I don’t want The Cure to fizzle out doing 45-minute shows of greatest hits. That would be awful for our legacy.”

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