Black Strobe ‘Shining Bright Star’ – An Arnaud Rebotini selection’ MP3/Podcast download

The Black Strobe podcast (located at has already offered fans a free version of new single ‘Shining Bright Star’, and a specially created mix from the duo’s beat-meister Ivan Smagghe. And now the podcast has been updated with an audio treat from vocalist and frontman Arnaud Rebotini, entitled ‘An Arnaud Rebotini selection’.

Kick-starting with Pierre Schaffer’s forays into sound experimentation, the listener is then taken on a rock and roll journey that encompasses music from Sonic Youth, Shellac, The Rolling Stones, Einstürzende Neubauten and finally landing in the misleadingly safe world of Sufjan Stevens. Wow!

Listen Now:

Today also sees the full single release of ‘Shining Bright Star’, a week upfront of the release of the Parisian duo’s new full length remix album, ‘A Remix Selection’, which is out on Monday on 4th December through Playlouderecordings.


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