Dandelion Radio continue Peel’s Festive 50 – Vote now!

The people behind an internet radio station established in the memory of John Peel have announced they will be continuing Peel’s traditional Festive Fifty this year.

Organisers of Dandelion Radio explain: “John Peel started the Festive Fifty in 1976 as a listeners’ poll of the best tracks of the year. It wasn’t held the next year, resumed by popular demand in 1978, and has been held every year since, with an extra ‘All Time Festive 50’ in 1999. Radio One has decided not to continue with it this year, but some of John Peel’s old programme team, feeling that the tradition should be kept alive, have asked internet station Dandelion Radio to take over the sleigh reins and keep it going. So this year, the Festive 50 continues on www.dandelionradio.com”.

Anyone can vote in the poll by visiting the below page on the station’s website


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