Classic re-releases from Icicle Works and Luna

Beggars Banquet are releasing a couple of Backcatalogue classics, with extra bits galore…

Luna – Best Of Luna – BBL 2037CDD

Before the band’s bittersweet farewell tour last year, New York-based indie-rock quartet Luna recorded seven studio albums of critically acclaimed somnambulate space rock. Beggars Banquet re-lives all the of the band’s superfreaky memories with Luna’s first-ever career spanning collection, ‘Best Of Luna’.

Produced by the band’s founder, lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist, Dean Wareham, ‘Best Of Luna’ contains 18 selections from their studio albums recorded between 1992 and 2004. The compilation features music by all of the different Luna incarnations that have come and gone over the years, including Wareham; bassist and keyboardist Justin Harwood; drummer Stanley Demeski; guitarist Sean Eden; drummer Lee Wall and bassist, vocalist and keyboardist Britta Phillips. It also features additional appearances from The Velvet Underground’s Sterling Morrison and Television’s Tom Verlaine.

Best Of Luna draws heavily from the band’s third album, ‘Penthouse’, which was named one of the Best Albums of the ’90s by Rolling Stone magazine.

LUNAFIED – Luna Covers
During their 12-year reign as indie-rock’s dream-pop champions, Luna recorded a wealth of cover songs and scattered them on rare singles, EPs, tribute and soundtrack releases. Beggars Banquet gathers a choice selection of 17 of these extraordinary gems together for a special covers collection.

This is a double CD set containing a bonus CD (Lunafied – Luna Covers) and includes a 24 page booklet which contains song notes written by Dean Wareham and rare photos plus a specially commissioned cover by Adrian Tomine. Altogether a fitting epitaph for a special band.

1 Moon Palace
2 Sideshow By The Seashore
3 Anesthesia
4 Friendly Advice
5 California (All The Way)
6 Slide
7 Tiger Lily
8 Chinatown
9 Lost in Space
10 23 Minutes In Brussels
11 Egg Nog
12 Bobby Peru
14 Into the Fold
15 Superfreaky Memories
16 Dear Diary
17 Lovedust
18 Black Postcards

1 Bonnie and Clyde (fast)
2 Indian Summer
3 Ride into the Sun
4 in the Flesh
5 Season of the Witch
6 Jealous Guy-
7 Neon Lights
8 Sweet Child o Mine
9 That’s What you always say
10 Everybody’s Talkin’
11 Outdoor Miner
12 No Regrets
13 La Poupee qui fait non
14 Only Women Bleed
15 Dream Baby Dream
16 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel
17 Bonnie and Clyde (slow)

The Icicle Works – The Icicle Works
BBL 2038CDD (2CD version)
IW 2038CD (3CD box set)

The second catalogue release is a special remaster of The Icicle Works eponymous debut album – one of the under-rated gems from the early 1980’s. There is a 2CD version (which includes the original album remastered from the studio tapes by Tim Young at Metropolis) plus a CD of B-sides/mixes -many on digital release for
the first time – plus other songs recorded for the BBC. This release is packaged with a 24 page booklet featuring unseen photos and notes from singer Ian McNabb and manager Tony Barwood.

As well as this, there is also a strictly limited edition 3CD Box Set, which contains the above two CD’s plus a third that replicates the original track listing with very rare BBC session versions, all of which were broadcast over two years prior to the release of the album. There are also two bonus studio tracks. These discs are packaged in japanese style vinyl replica sleeves, along with a special booklet.

DISC 1 – The Icicle Works (Original UK Album Remastered)
Chop The Tree
Love Is A Wonderful Colour
Reaping The Rich Harvest
As The Dragonfly Flies
Lover’s Day
In The Cauldron Of Love
Out Of Season
A Factory In The Desert
Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)

DISC 2 – B sides, mixes, session rarities
All Is Right – Peel Session 26/1/82
When Winter Lasted Forever – Peel Session 26/1/82
Love Hunt – Jensen
Reverie Girl
Gun Boys
Love is a Wonderful Colour (Long Version)
Waterline (USA version)
In The Dance The Shamen Led
The Devil On Horseback
Mountain Comes To Mohammed – Jensen 29/11/83
Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)(Frantic Mix)
Ragweed Campaign
The Atheist
Nirvana (Live)

DISC 3 – BBC version of album
Chop The Tree (Jensen 29/11/1983)
Love Is A Wonderful Colour (Peel Session 2/3/1983)
Reaping The Rich Harvest (Peel Session 2/3/1983)
As The Dragonfly Flies (Jensen 25/11/1982)
Lover’s Day (Jensen 25/11/1982)
In The Cauldron Of Love (Peel Session 26/01/1982)
Out Of Season (Jensen 29/11/1983)
A Factory In The Desert (Peel Session 26/01/1982)
Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (Jensen 25/11/1982)
Nirvana (Jensen 29/11/1983)
Waterline (UK single version)
Love Hunt (Unreleased Hugh Jones version)

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