Nigel Clark (Dodgy) ’21st Century Man’

They provided the soundtrack to the summer of 1995 with the massive hit Staying Out For The Summer and defining pop album Homegrown. That was then, now Dodgys founder, frontman and singer/songwriter Nigel Clark return with his debut single 21st Century Man

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21st Century Man will be released this November and is just one of the many fruits of Nigel Clarkes labour since Dodgy split back in 2000, I moved out of London in 1999 and moved on with my life he states. Setting up his own studio in Worcestershire, and working with lots of fledgling bands, it was inevitable that Nigel would eventually/soon start to work on his own record. By summer 2005 the songs had all been worked up in my head and it was the right time and I had the right musicians.

This single, which is also the title of the album out 2 weeks later, is about the 21st Century condition and obsession: the regret at not spending the time we do have better, and the confusion we feel as we forget the simple and important things that make our own life worth living. Its an issue close to Nigel, like most of us in this century, we feel short changed by our achievements and find it increasingly hard to live in the moment.

Summer 2006 saw Nigel play at Guilfest and he can be seen at the following:

Sat Sept 30th – The Louisiana – Bristol
Fri Oct 6th – Shakespearience – Warwickshire
Sat Oct 7th – King Georges Hall – Blackburn
Fri Oct 27th – Jug of Ale – Birmingham
Fri Nov 17th – Little Civic – Wolverhampton

And going solo? Ive always felt solo, even in Dodgy, so part of the challenge of this album was to embrace that rather than try to escape it


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