Juana Molina UK Gigs and Tours

Juana Molina headlines London’s Scala on Thursday 7 December 2006 and announces January 2007 UK Tour

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Following the release of her accliamed ‘Son’ album and her Picturehouse tour, in December Junana Molina returns to London where she headlines the Scala. Juana will return to the UK in January 2007 for a major UK tour.

Juana Molina , Adem, Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver – 0º of Separation Tour 2007

Separated geographically but linked by the timelessness of their song writing, this group of musicians explore uncharted routes for contemporary acoustic music. Featuring previously unheard arrangements, collaborations and experiments, 0º of Separation sees Adem’s tales of the everyday and universal intertwine with the unfolding of Vashti Bunyan’s beautiful melodies, while Juana Molina’s hypnotic beats and lilting voice dance through the luminous landscape of Vetiver’s distilled Americana.

A Contemporary Music Network tour, produced by Twisted Folk (Media Partner BBC Radio 3)

On Tour January 2007
http://www.cmntours.org.uk http://www.twistedfolk.com

Fri 12 BRIGHTON Corn Exchange
01203 709 709 / http://www.brightondome.org / http://www.meltingvinyl.co.uk

Sat 13 LONDON Roundhouse
0870 389 1846 / http://www.roundhouse.org.uk

Sun 14 GATESHEAD The Sage Gateshead
0191 443 4661 / http://www.thesagegateshead.org

0870 4444 224 / http://www.synergyconcerts.com

Wed 17 BIRMINGHAM Glee Club
0870 241 5093 / http://www.glee.co.uk

Thu 18 BRISTOL St Georges
0845 40 24 001 / http://www.stgeorgesbristol.co.uk

Fri 19 MANCHESTER Bridgewater Hall
0161 907 9000 / http://www.bridgewater-hall.co.uk

Sat 20 LEEDS City Varieties
0113 243 0808 / http://www.leeds.gov.uk/cityvarieties

Juana Molina releases fourth album

For her fourth, and most immediate album so far, Juana Molina of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has set about capturing her famous blue melodies in a style close to her hypnotic live experience, but with all the immaculate production values we’ve come to expect from the creator of the critically acclaimed Tres Cosas and Segundo longplayers.

Juana Molina can, perhaps rather cheekily, been seen as kickstarting the new generation of performers who begin with their core group of instruments and a delay pedal, and take the relatively experimental approach of live sound-looping and manipulation to the pop-concert medium. Think Kama Aina, think Animal Collective, think KT Tunstall even…! She’s definitely somewhere between these first two disparate musical landscapes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her powerful solo renditions of songs from last year, using exactly Ms Tunstall’s sampling approach, have had an effect…

Juana Molina never makes of this a trick, but more an effective and affecting use of time-delay for a sense of disorientation and twisting beauty, to heighten her songs’ moods and structures. In fact it is an integral part of her composition process, this layering upon layering of polyrhythms, dissonant synth melodies, and effected voices. Her music is in love with texture and timbre, and despite its leftfield leanings it is a wondrous and accessible Song she sings. More and more people will fall under the spell with the joys of Son.

Much of Son is propelled by compulsive percussive vocal tracks, not dissimilar to the avant beatboxing of Bodenstandig and then Bjork before her. This turns to something close to scat-singing at times, and shows us a more explicitly soulful side to Juana than we’ve seen before. We also hear samples of sounds unfamiliar from previous albums, particularly on ‘malherido’, where twangs of banjo-like acoustic guitar bend and blend awkwardly into the sub-housey rhythms of the song, and a childlike sense of play seeps into the bizarre, momentarily aural landscape. Yes those voices do sound like pigs ‘oinking’. Juana seems to be sharing with modern contemporaries such as the Animal Collective, the musical adventurism of the Beach Boys’ Smile and its forays into farmyard fun, as well as a vocal lushness that is pleasing to any ear.

As Juana herself says of the music, “When I started to write the songs for this record Son, a new element that may have been hidden for a long time appeared; the randomness of the combination of sounds in nature. Each bird has a particular singing; nevertheless this singing is always different. It is not a pattern; it’s a drawing, a sound and a mode, only a few elements that each bird combines in a new way each time. In the same way, sometimes I chose to sing a melodic drawing I develop for the song. Verses are alike, but never the same (Rio Seco, No Seas Antipática) other times I chose to sing a repetitive melody.

What changes here and moves randomly is, for example, a keyboard. It is like overlapping two different loops, with no synchronicity at all. One very rhythmic and the other one more lose. When you play both, at the same time, the loose loop will provoke a changing harmony, because their beats will never be in the same place. This causes a moving harmony. During the tours, I also applied my new ideas to the old songs, that’s why, when I got back home, I recorded the first thing that came to mind using these new ideas. In October, when I sat down to put all I had for the record together I had the huge and pleasant surprise that I almost had the record done. Son is a step forward on the same path I started with Segundo and followed with Tres Cosas.”

Son is the sound of a unique and significant modern songwriter at the peak of her game, enjoying herself, and dipping deep into her well of Song to create a musical cycle of sound so seductive and yet mysterious, that it stands up to repeated listening and exploration.

Release date: 29 May 2006
Cat. No .: WIG176 (CD/Lp)
Distribution: Vital



Plague Songs album released

Featuring contributions from Scott Walker, Rufus Wainright, Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), Laurie Anderson and Imogen Heap, Plague Songs is out now on 4AD in the UK, and November 21st in the US.

Plague Songs image

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This fascinating, unsettling and unique project comes down to one simple idea : a collection of songs based on the ten Biblical plagues that take place in the book of Exodus.

A simple idea, but a complicated story – these songs were originally commissioned by a British arts organisation called Artangel to form part of a large-scale public art event. The Margate Exodus took place in September 2006; it transformed a dilapidated seaside town on the North Kent Coast into the setting for a vibrant modern recreation of the Israelites’ flight from Egypt. During the event, the 10 “Plague Songs” were performed by local singers and musicians; together, the festivities will form part of a feature film which is to be broadcast and screened in 2007.

The 4AD release gathers together the 10 original recordings, presented in Biblical plague order. It moves from the scattershot, street-level drama of Klashnekoff’s “Blood” through to the tender lament for a real-life “Death Of The Firstborn” written by Rufus Wainwright. On the way, there’s the sublime hover of Brian Eno & Robert Wyatt’s “Flies”, the cracked, surreal sparseness of The Tiger Lillies “Hailstones”, and Laurie Anderson’s grave, shadowy meditation on the Death Of Livestock. Imogen Heap’s “Glittering Clouds” is a soaring pop song driven along by locust samples, while Scott Walker’s “Darkness” (what else ?) is simply astonishing – a driven and almost completely a cappella call-and-response which will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

All ten tracks are exclusive to this release; and despite their various soundworlds and approaches they form a surprisingly coherent and convincing whole.

Download the mailinglist exclusive Plague Songs digital booklet: Plague Songs digital

Listen to tracks from Plague Songs and download the Plague Songs screensaver: 4ad.com/plaguesongs

Tracklisting :

    “Blood” – Klashnekoff (The Plague Of Blood)
    “Relate the Tale” – King Creosote (The Plague Of Frogs)
    “The Meaning of Lice” – Stephin Merritt (The Plague Of Lice)
    “Flies” – Brian Eno & Robert Wyatt (The Plague Of Flies)
    “The Fifth Plague” – Laurie Anderson (The Death Of Livestock)
    “Boils” – Cody ChesnuTT (The Plague Of Boils)
    “Hailstones” – The Tiger Lillies (The Plague Of Hail)
    “Glittering Cloud” – Imogen Heap (The Plague Of Locusts)
    “Darkness” – Scott Walker (The Plague Of Darkness)
    “Katonah” – Rufus Wainwright (The Death Of The Firstborn)